CooperaTèxtil 4.0

CooperaTèxtil 4.0 is the reference and meeting space for people, companies and organizations in the textile-fashion value chain of Mataró-Maresme, for their digital transformation and technological maturity, in a clear commitment to build a sustainable and competitive economic growth model, adapted to the needs of the present and future.




The Project

CooperaTèxtil 4.0 is the result of the Work, Talent and Technology (TTT) program of the Barcelona Provincial Council in the Mataró-Maresme territory in the field of the fashion textile value chain.

CooperaTèxtil 4.0 is a project coordinated by the Mataró City Council that is developed through the joint work of the representative territorial actors of textile-fashion, with joint actions strategically aligned by all.

The CooperaTèxtil 4.0 project promotes decent work and the improvement of talent in the field of textiles-fashion through the search for technological solutions and innovative approaches that help the digital transformation of companies and the technological training of people, in the framework of sustainable territorial economic growth.


Textile-Fashion companies need professional profiles that have adequate digital skills and who know how to work in technified production processes and environments. Training in the technical and digital field improves the chances of finding work and helps to generate decent and higher quality working conditions.

From CooperaTèxtil 4.0. we help you in your process of digital and technological training and professional growth to continue consolidating and improving your work and life project.

  • Vocational technical training

    Training to reinforce specific technical and digital skills in the field of Textile-Fashion.

  • Diagnosis and improvement of digital skills

    Identification of basic digital skills, detection of digital gaps and establishment of a roadmap for their improvement.

  • Job orientation

    Definition of professional projects, definition of training itineraries, improvement of skills for access to the labour market, job search support, internships in companies.

  • Specific textile-fashion job bank 4.0

    Management of job offers and demands in the field of Textile-Fashion that require specific elements linked to digitization and modernization.


Technifying and digitizing are two processes that help companies to update their business development and modernize their products, to adapt to the new forms of consumption in society, to contribute to environmental sustainability and to become competitive in the current market system. globalized, generating quality jobs.

From CooperaTèxtil 4.0. We help you in your transformation and innovation process
digital and technological to continue consolidating its place in the market

  • Digital maturity consulting

    Diagnosis of the level of digitization and guidance on resources for technological and digital business development.

  • Specialized advice

    Accompaniment in specific processes of technological transformation and digitization at an internal (company) and external (product) level.

  • Information on technological resources and digital solutions

    Tools, programs, software, machinery, generic and specific training...

  • Technical and digital training

    Design and development of customized training for micro, small, medium and large companies and for self-employed professionals.

  • Recruitment of talent and search for professionals

    Selection processes for specific professional profiles in the field of Textile-Fashion. Identification of new job profiles.

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